Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I'm quite pissed about drama. Yet I'm also very optimistic. Problems are that some people in my drama group are bitching and whinning because they got understudy or a small role when their seniors. Honestly...be glad that you even have a drama club to preform in. Your taking everything for granted. Just because you've been in drama for 6 years doesn't mean you know everything, and just because your a Senior doesn't mean you should have the lead part. There are people who have been in drama for all four years of their High School career who have not had any main parts, and yet people who have been in drama for 2 years are saying they deserve a main role because they are Seniors. whats wrong with people?

I just wish people would get off their fucking high horse and except things for what they are with grace. Your going to bring everyone else down if you keep this shit up. I doubt anyone from our school is reading this, except for Steven. Steven I request that you quote from this entry to anyone who is bitching about their job/role in this play. They need to grow up.


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