Monday, February 13, 2006

I hate Sundays, but I'm gonna love summer.Sunday is my least favorite day of the week. You would think that I would pick Monday, since I dislike having to go to work after a nice weekend, but no. I hate Sunday more, because it is filled with the impending doom of Monday.Don't get me wrong; I often do enjoyable things on Sundays. Today, for example: my parents, Dave (the boyfriend for those not in the loop), and I are going to a birthday party for my cousin Alex. I'm a fan of birthday parties. But all day, in the back of my head will be a little voice. And that voice will say to me "Donna, you have to go to work tomorrow." And then I will frown.The only thing making me happy about work for the moment (other than the fact that Dave works there too and I get to eat lunch with him every day), is the summer hours setup. Every other week, I get to work 10 hours a day from Monday to Thursday, and get Friday off. This weekend was one of those happy 3-day ones, so I got to take Friday and get out to Bristol to visit my mom and go to my favorite restaurant ever.The next Friday I have off I'm going to have to get down to business and organize my basement, but after that: let the summer begin :-) Fun in the sun with my sweetie (and my best friend SPF 50).