Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Cuckoo its me
Cuckoo my small wolf, expensive reader, tor...

Thank you for agreeing to have patience and sorry for the last WE, have time.

A small image to brighten my article. I found pretty, tristounette, décallée it, a little like my life in this moment.
They are terrible these schedules, not time nothing to make, that passes to all berzingue, I have the impression of louper not badly of things.

I hope not to have make a boob by taking a job more twisted than that which I had front.
Good, will say more when I am installed (for the moment I "squatte" the office of the person that I will replace, therefore not transport for the moment)

To go, one will not let oneself cut down, hein...?

I found a super bond, know if you know...? I found too funny. And if it were true...

It acts of the site "World Jump Day"

thinks what, you...?

And hand nan, a tite joke. I find it mimi... Without a bit of polemic...


It seems to to me that it is not complicated!

To make a woman happy, it is enough for you all bonnement to be a friend, companion, lover, brother, father, Master, teacher, cook, carpenter, plumber, mechanic, decorator, designer, sexologist, gynecologue/obstetrician, psychologist, psychiatrist, therapeutist, daring, organizing, good father, very clean, sympathetic nerve, athletic, soft, attentive, gallant, intelligent, funny, creative, tender, extremely, understanding, tolerant, careful, ambitious, able, courageous, given, reliable, respectful, impassioned...

Without forgetting to often make compliments, to adore shopping, not to make stories, very rich, be stressed, not to look at the other girls...

And at the same time, it is also necessary to pay great attention to it, without being jealous, getting along well with its family, but all while always granting to him as many time for it, to give him space, while being concerned where it goes...

It is very important never not to forget the birthdays, engagement, marriages...

Good courage.
But, unfortunately, even by observing these rules scrupulously, its happiness is not guaranteed.
It could feel submerged by a life of one choking perfection, and flee with the first "bastard-alcoholic-runner" of underskirts which it meets.

And to close this polemic, to add a final key, here how to make a man happy:

1. To kiss
2. He foutre peace!
It is nice not....?

Oilâ. I leave you. With the nearest WE, p' têt'... Biz...