Sunday, November 19, 2006

Twenty hours and counting
Sometime around 4:00 am tomorrow, I'll be leaving for Toronto. I am driving an hour to join a tour bus that will drive another hour to pick up more people, then head off on the 10-hour trip to Toronto. That doesn't include any stops. Gee, I hope it's only 10 hours. I've booked a 6:30 pm dinner cruise for Thursday night that cost me $79 CN and that I sure don't want to miss. The fellowship on the bus, both up and back, should be one of the best features of the whole trip. I only recognize two of the 60 or so names. I'll probably recognize some additional faces, but most of them will be new friends to make.

I've barely started getting ready. I can't find the registration packet I received from GSO months ago. I spent about ½ hour on Monday night looking for it, with no luck. So today, after I get home from work, I've got to find it, figure out what to take and get packed. Then I want to go to bed as early as I possibly can so I don't fall asleep on the 1-hour drive to the bus. Sometime during the day today, I've got to find time to make two phone calls. One to GSO to find out how much trouble it will be if I can't find my registration packet. The other to call the DCM who offered to let me sleep on his couch tonight so I'd only have a 15-minute drive in the morning and thank him but say I've decided to sleep at home tonight.

I do plan to take my laptop computer and two cameras (one digital and one non-digital SLR). Hopefully I'll have plenty to report. I sort of doubt I'll have time or want to take the time to post while I'm there. But I might. Otherwise I'll be posting after I return late Monday.

It's gonna be great! Until then... sayonara!